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Sage Wands

Sage Wands

In addition to dissipating negative energy, improving mood, and strengthening intuition, smudging with sage might improve your memory and focus.



- Purifies indoor air/Removes toxins

- Relieves allergen symptoms

- Dispels negative energy

- Cleanses or empowers certain objects

- Improves mood

- Soothes stress

- Boosts energy level


Try Scent by Kennadi's sage wand torches, Lavender sage, Rosemary sage, or Eucalyptus sage wands.


- Sage Torch ($3) : general saging benefits

- Rosemary sage wand ($5) : added memory improvement benefits

- Lavender sage wand ($5) : added anxiety relief benefits

- Eucalyptus sage wand ($5) : added detoxification benefits


How to Use

  • Light the end of the sage bundle. Blow out quickly if it catches on fire.
  • The tips of the leaves should smolder slowly, releasing thick smoke. Direct this smoke around your body and/or desired space. Be intentional about your expectations (to purify, improve mood, etc).
  • Allow the incense to linger on the areas of your body or surroundings you’d like to focus on.
  • Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl or shell. Wand will extinguish on it's own.
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