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Chakra Collection

Chakra Collection

Align your spiritual, physical, and mental self with Scent by Kennadi's Chakra Collection. This therapeutic soy candle set features 7 chakra themed candles with scents and dried herbs that are associated with each chakra.


- Root Chakra [red] represents our foundation

****Amber Noir****


- Sacral Chakra [orange] relates to our emotions 

****Hibiscus Palm****


- Solar Plexus Chakra [yellow] speaks to our confidence

****Green Tea and Lemongrass****


- Heart Chakra [green] influences our ability to give and receive love

****Moonlight Nectar*****


- Throat Chakra [blue] controls our ability to communicate

****Peppermint Eucalyptus****


- Third Eye Chakra [indigo] connects to our intuition

****Rosemary Sage****


- Crown Chakra [purple] represents our ability to connect spiritually



Get the entire Scent by Kennadi Chakra Collection for ONLY $85 (saving $20) or enjoy SBK's  individual chakra candles for $15.


Lower Chakras are considered physical chakras and are responsible for your self-image and physical/emotional identity. In this Lower Chakra pack you'll get the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus candles. 


Upper Chakras consist of the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. These magical placements are regarded as your spiritual centers, governing your connection to one's self-expression, intuition, and access to higher consciousness.



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